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I'm getting a memory access violation which i am not able to figure out. I am guessing my syntax might be wrong somewhere. Here is my code

load(double **pDouble)
   int size;

   //pStruct is returned by a method of some object inside load
   // arr is an array of double, also member of struct pointed by pStruct.
   size = sizeof(pStruct->arr)/sizeof(double);
   *pDouble =  new double[size];
   for(int i = 0 ; i < size; i++)
     *pDouble[i] = pStruct->arr[i];
       //the violation occurs for the second iteration of 
      // the loop

What could be causing the access violation?

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Array indexing binds more tightly than pointer dereferencing. You probably meant:

(*pDouble)[i] = pStruct->arr[i];

There may be other errors though.

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