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As I see Node JS can't send string to client.
When I use socket.write("string") client doesn't receive anything. socket.write(new Buffer("string")) — same situation.

var b = new Buffer(15);

It looks like something works, but client receives string along with a lot of blank space.

var b = new Buffer(6); //6 - lenght of string in bytes

Again nothing!

var b = new Buffer(7);

Now there's less blank characters.
My head really hurts. Is it really complicated to send simple string?
Waiting for my savior :)

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socket.write("string") actually works fine. Check the docs.

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You forgot to end the transmission, after each write do a socket.end();

Also, if you're only sending one string you can always do a socket.end(stringToSend);

Please also refer to NodeJS documentation of the modul 'net'.

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Huh? Why end? I'm developing browser MMO. So every sent message should disconnect user from server? – Gugis May 11 '12 at 17:27
when you do a socket.end(), it ends the current message, doesn't disconnect the socket, it just tells the client-side that the message being sent in that section is the last one in that batch. – Gonçalo Vieira May 14 '12 at 8:00

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