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Can i use a dynamic C# object to access database values. For example if i have a table name Settings, with different values could i simply call from code Settings.SomeSetting, rather then programming them all.

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What is it that you call a dynamic object? Worst case you can simply save the setting to a text file and load them for example... –  Shingetsu May 10 '12 at 1:12

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You could also use a C# ORM in order to do something like what you are trying to do.

Dapper.Net - A simple C# ORM.
NHibernate - A mature ORM which has been around while.

I don't have experience with either but both sound like something you are trying to achieve.

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Here's a blog post showing one technique using a dynamic wrapper for ADO.NET data access. This should work against a query run against an Access database (as well as any other ADO.NET data source).

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Yes, you can.

Probably you will get insane later, but you can. Also, if you want to access the data in a reflective way and without compilation check, you could just use DataSets. They suck, but... You are about to reinvent the weel.

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Have a look at Simple.Data. It sounds like what you're looking for.

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