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I get uncaught referenceerror: invalid left-hand side in assignment (anonymous function) in google chrome developer tools. This is the code

_CF_checkreset-password-form = function(_CF_this)
    //reset on submit
    _CF_error_exists = false;
    _CF_error_messages = new Array();
    _CF_error_fields = new Object();
    _CF_FirstErrorField = null;

    //display error messages and return success
    if( _CF_error_exists )
        if( _CF_error_messages.length > 0 )
            // show alert() message
            // set focus to first form error, if the field supports js focus().
            if( _CF_this[_CF_FirstErrorField].type == "text" )
            { _CF_this[_CF_FirstErrorField].focus(); }

        return false;
    }else {
        return true;

Anybody can help?

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I guess the error is in the first line: _CF_checkreset-password-form = function(_CF_this). You can't create a var with characters like + or - or any other operator. Try this: _CF_checkreset_password_form = function(_CF_this)

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