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I've got a program that I've been working on at home for a while, and I decided finally to throw it up on SourceForge. SourceForge offers Tracker, MantisBT, or Trac for bug tracking.

My app already has a "Sorry, an error occurred" dialog, but I'd like to add a "Complain about it" button that will submit a bug to my bug tracker. Has anyone tried to do this with Tracker? Can you submit anonymous bugs via a query string interface, or something along those lines? Or, if Tracker can't do it, how about MantisBT? Or Trac?

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Programmatic access:

If your application happens to be built on Eclipse, you can use the existing Mylyn plugins - they're both offered with 1-click install since version 3.2 (reference).

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Also, Mantis 1.1.x (and perhaps later 1.2.x) has a php script (core/checkin.php) that can be called from a post-commit hook when the repo and mantis live on the same host. You just need to provide the glue for the hook, e.g. bash, and either commit all notes as a user defined 'vcs' userame or make a small modification to the php to determine the user making the commit.

In the later 1.1.x versions there is a checkincurl.php that will address usage when mantis and the repo are not collocated.

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