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I have a class file in Matlab.

I created i directory structure using the package specifications.

|  |--fun.m

My class is myc and it is inserted in the package MyPkg.

A function fun is saved in subpackage F3 in the main one.

I want to use function fun in my class. How???

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You need to refer to fun as everywhere. Unfortunately, full packages must be used explicitly everywhere in MATLAB (or, you must use import statements).

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The way you are describing using classes is the "old" way of doing it in Matlab. I don't know how it all works when you use the "old" way, but Class files make life way easier. I highly recommend them. This way you can put all of the functions for a class in one file. For example, you could create a file:


classdef myclass
    function out=add(a,b)
    function out=subtract(a,b)

If you put myclass.m in the same folder as your m-file. Then you can access the class this way:


There is a more extensive example at the following link:

I hope that helps.

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The OP is talking about package directories, not old-style '@' directories. – Edric May 10 '12 at 6:31
Sorry ... my fault. I didn't read the question carefully enough. – qwerty9967 May 10 '12 at 12:29

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