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So I've been building a layout and up until now I hadn't tested it on any non-webkit browsers.

But now that i've tested it on ie8 and firefox I've found some issues that I would like to address.

The site:

First of all, Internet Explorer 8.

Regardless of any compatibility mode or turning off javascript I am still getting all of these issues.

  • Elements positioned in the header are completely off.
  • The text ' For effortless hearing...' and the number should be inline and floated to the right.
  • The <ul class="head"> just doesn't show at all.
  • Neither does <ul class="mainmenu">
  • A few other css styles just do not happen


  • I've built a layout where after scrolling through <div id="maincontentbody"> the header element scrolls out of view and <div id="footerblock"> scrolls into view. But in firefox it just gets stuck when you scroll to 100% of the screen height.

UPDATE - Another way to solve the firefox issue is via jquery/js, if I could know when the user has scrolled to the end of 100% of the page and then run some kind of function which would switch scrolling from maincontentbody to body but I am pretty confused as how I can do this, I'm having trouble catching the user once they've reached 100%, innerHeight isn't giving me the correct results.

I am absolutely lost as to how to correct these issues and any help would be appreciated.

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I'd start off with importing a normalize.css to set all default browser styles to something that is the same across all browsers.

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Done that, will update When I see the difference on ie. – Michael Zaporozhets May 10 '12 at 2:39

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