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Given the following sample table:

C1     C2      C3
A      21      S
A      22      S
A      23      S
A      24      T
B      25      S
B      26      S

How can I write an SQL query to give the following output:

COL1   COL2       COL3
A      21,22,23      S
A      24            T
B      25,26         S

For all rows in the input table where C1 and C3 are the same, I want one row in the output table that has all the C2 values concatenated, comma separated.

I'm working with an Oracle database.

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Maybe this SO question will help; Concatenate many rows into a single text string? –  Dave Anderson May 10 '12 at 3:46

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Try this if you are using oracle 11g

     LISTAGG(C2, ',') as C2,
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This will be a database specific answer, so please what db you are using. Mysql is popular, so here is the Mysql5 answer:

select col1, group_concat(col2 SEPARATOR ','), col3 from tbl group by col1,col3;
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In MySQL, you can use Group_Concat. For example:

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(Language) As Languages FROM CountryLanguage WHERE CountryCode = 'THA';

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