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I just installed graphite/statsd for production use. I'm really happy with it, but one of my co-workers asked me if there was a way to make it look prettier. Honestly, I can't say that I haven't wonder the same.

Are there alternatives to the Graphite UI that do a better job rendering data, perhaps using one of the awesome frontend graphing libraries and http push?

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On the latest Graphite docs page, there is a list of tools which work with Graphite. For reference, here are the ones which seem to be prettification-based:

Additional interesting resources:

  • Graphitoid: (an Android-App dashboard)
  • Graphitejs: (a jQuery plugin for making/displaying Graphite graphs)
  • Seyren: (an alerting dashboard for Graphite)

For details on each one, check out their pages, or take a look at the description on the first link I added, for the Graphite docs page.

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Try Grafana

It has a very nice UI and advanced dashboard and graph editing features. Very simple to install.

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Grafana is definitely the best one! One feature that is missing though is notifications. –  Felix Feb 19 at 15:35
great work - I'm trying to set it up with Nginx and Graphite but not able to get any data from graphite -any ideas? stackoverflow.com/questions/23374405/… –  ali haider Apr 29 at 20:39
Grafana is the best! –  mikhailov Jun 9 at 11:47
@Felix notifications, what do you mean? –  Torkel Jun 23 at 5:41
Basically, I mean alerts. But I see, that Grafana is a client-side dashboard and it is not designed for that. Nevertheless, alerts are a important piece of the puzzle in the graphite/metrics domain. Dashboards are pretty, but automation for threshold checking is crucial for efficiency - especially, if you've got a lot of metrics. So some sort of integration with alerting systems would be nice. –  Felix Jun 23 at 7:55

If you don't want to code up your own frontend, you can use Graphiti. It is simple to use and looks great!

Graphiti Screenshot

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A-ha! I did some googling and found Cubism.js which does exactly what I need.

It has integrated support for graphite and provides the necessary graphing components (as a plugin to D3) to create beautiful real-time dashboards.

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I can see this is a bit old, but thought I'd add to it for future prosperity:

I went through a few of the options listed in @troy's response (and a few others). You can see my impressions in my blog post

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That's a great comparison of the available options. +1! –  mjuarez Nov 20 '13 at 0:55

You can try Graphene which is a layer above Graphite: http://jondot.github.com/graphene/

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Anyone tried Orion? Seems to be a good option but overlooked so far. https://github.com/gree/Orion

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Orion looks nice, but seems quite stale as a project. It lacks some fundamental features, at least support for using Graphite functions. –  tuomassalo Dec 1 '13 at 21:00

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