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how to print variable from value of other variable in c++ i'm just new in c++.

in php we can make/print a variable by the value of other variable. like this.

$example = 'foo';
$foo = 'abc';
echo ${$example}; // the output will 'abc'

how can i solve this in c++?

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C++ doesn't have this feature (which is reflection): stackoverflow.com/questions/2911442/… –  birryree May 10 '12 at 4:18
pointers....... –  Crazy Eddie May 10 '12 at 6:13

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You cannot.

The only way to emulate this (well sort of) is to use a map

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Getting a variable/member by its name is called reflection/introspection.

There is no reflection mechanism in C++, and basically you can't do that.

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Looking at it another way, it's just indirection, which C++ uses extensively. An analogous example in C++ might be...

using namespace std;
string foo = "abc";
string* example = &foo;
cout << *example << endl;  // The output will 'abc'

...or using a reference instead of a pointer...

using namespace std;
string foo = "abc";
string& example = foo;
cout << example << endl;  // The output will 'abc'
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