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How to moq the OfType to return

class A
  public void iterate()
    foreach (var aTool in Handler.Tools.OfType<IDrawTool>())
      //some code

//tools implementes both interface ITool and IDrawTool
//wanted to get the tool which implements the IDrawTool from the 
//Handler.Tools<ITool> list

Mock<List<ITool>> aToolMockList = new Mock<ITool>();
Mock<IDrawTool> adrawToolMock = new Mock<IDrawTool>();
aToolMockList.Setup(list => list.OfType<IDrawTool>()).Returns((IEnumerable<IDrawTool>)  adrawToolMock .Object);

But the OfType throws the exception setup on a non-member method

Should I override this? What should I do?

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.As() makes casting to the mocked object –  Anton May 10 '12 at 5:43
the problem is with this line list => list.OfType<IDrawTool>()) –  Somaraj Konattu May 10 '12 at 7:22
Best prctice: Not to mock list; make real list and put inside mocks - in this example one for general ITool and one for IDrawingTool; I'll post this as answer –  Anton May 10 '12 at 8:33

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List<ITool> aToolMockList = new List<ITool>();
Mock<IDrawTool> adrawToolMock = new Mock<IDrawTool>();
Mock<ITool> aToolMock = new Mock<ITool>;
//additional setups
A a = new A(aToolMockList);

Something like that :)

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