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OK - I have a pretty basic page that I'm trying to keep as simple as possible. I have a "theme selector" that chooses between a light and dark theme, and sets the body's class based on that, basically changing from white/black background/text. I have boxes within that are a different background color that also need to change... is there a way to change the applied class of a child (perhaps many removed) based on the class of the body tag (or any ancestor for that matter) using CSS?

Simple demo:

<body class="dark">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="differentBG">THIS IS THE BOX I WANT TO CHANGE!</div>

I know I can use js (d3 is what I'm using) to apply a class to all of the children, but I want to keep as much in CSS as possible...

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You can base rules off of ancestor classes on the body tag as you would any other tag in your markup:

body.dark .differentBG {
  background: black;
  color: white;

Our differentBG class will apply a black background only when the <body> has a class of "dark".

body.light .differentBG {
  background: white;
  color: black

Our differentBG class will apply a white background when <body> has a class of "light".

As an added bit of trivia, many developers use this very technique to setup their "JavaScript Disabled" styles:

body.nojs .dynamicElement {
  display: none;

And then use JavaScript to remove that class when the page loads. Modernizr also uses this method, though it adds classes to the <html> element to indicate what features the user agent supports.

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Works like a charm - I knew this was simple but I couldn't find anything (at least the way I was phrasing the question). I guess it comes down to a bit more complex understanding about how selectors work... – cacahootie May 10 '12 at 5:06

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