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Using batch commands how do I get the folder path/directory from a string?

For example, if I have the string "C:\user\blah\abc.txt" how do I split the string so I can just get the folder part, ie, "C:\user\blah\"?

If pass the string "C:\user\blah\abc.txt" in the command line of a batch file, how do I split that string into just the folder part?

REM // Grab "C:\user\blah\abc.txt" from the command line
SET path="%*" 
REM // The following doesn't successfully capture the "C:\user\blah\" part
SET justFolder=%path:~dp1%
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This question has already been asked; see stackoverflow.com/questions/636381/… –  Riking May 10 '12 at 4:45
@Riking Thats for the current working directory, ie, the path where the batch file resides. My question is about obtaining the folders from a string/path(which is not the current working directory) –  Jake M May 10 '12 at 4:50

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the ~dp option only works with the batch parameters (%1 %2 ...) or with FOR substitution parameters (%%a %%b ...). Read HELP CALL.

So, to achieve what you want, try the following code

call :setJustFolder "%*"
echo %justFolder%
goto :eof

set justFolder=%~dp1
goto :eof

As an aside note, my personal preference is not to add " around user entered filenames. I would code the previous code simply as

set justFolder=%~dp1
echo %justFolder%
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If you want to get the path from a string or from the current working directory is nearly the same.

set "myPath=%~dp1"
echo %myPath%

Or if you want to get it from a variable you could use FOR/F.

set myPath=C:\windows\xyz.txt
for /F "delims=" %%A in ("%myPath%") do echo %%~dpA
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