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I got one order table, when user come to the store they could purchase more than one item for example. may i know what is the best practices to perform such record action ? is that each item order one row in order table or mix all into one row in order table ?

Let say, Customer A purchase 3 items from store. then will be 3 row in order table ? or 1 row in order table with all details and separate order with delimiter ?

My designed structure is like this::

    OrderID (Primary Key)

    OrderItemID (Primary Key)
    OrderID (Referencing tblOrder)
    ItemID (Referencing tblItem)

Is this correct ?

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I will suggest you to maintain 3 rows, because it will be easy for you to maintain further.


@SLim, The structure is looking perfect for the situation now. You will proceed further with this.

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something was edited =D can you please judge is that correct ? Thx =D –  SLim May 10 '12 at 5:01

Without question, each order should have its own row in the database table.

Otherwise, for example, if you wanted to find all orders where a particular item was purchased -- how would you do it? It's much easier if there's a single item per row.

More than that, this is the approach taken by larger e-commerce sites. If you're interested in learning to develop software professionally you must learn the best practices.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your suggestion =D That is... wondering how to make the application better =D –  SLim May 10 '12 at 5:06

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