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I observed when we use VGroup in the HDividedBox dragging is not completely moving to the left side.The components in the VGroup are still appearing when we drag the hdivider completely.But when we use VBox in the HDividedBox dragging is working perfectly. Here is sample code

<mx:HDividedBox id="hdivbox" width="100%" height="100%" liveDragging="true">
<s:VGroup width="50%" height="100%" > <s:ComboBox/> <s:ComboBox/> </s:VGroup> <s:VGroup width="50%" height="100%" > <s:Panel width="100%" height="100%"/> </s:VGroup> </mx:HDividedBox>

Now when we drag divider completely to the left side first combobox is visible but when i replace the same code with VBox dragging is working fine. Can any one help me on how to fix this without using VBox

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It took me some time to understand why this happens, but it was really interesting, so thank you for a question. If you just need to fix it use clipAndEnableScrolling="true"in first VGroup.

The problem is that in VBoxproperty clipContent defaults to true, but in VGroupalmost the same property clipAndEnableScrolling dafaults to false. This cause this different behavior.

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Wow Thanks Art thank u so much by giving the property clipAndEnableScrolling="true" its perfectly working. – Trinu May 10 '12 at 13:57

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