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I am doing a site to be viewed from mobile. I've done a spinning wheel in it.

I need to add some more graphics and need to change the design of spinning wheel, although we change it's color using it's functionality. but i need more changes.

Is their any other jquery spinning wheel done in html5, and works in mobile appilication ?

How can I tackle this problem? Any help will be appreciated.

I got the spinning wheel from this site.

I have add the spinning wheel in jsFiddle to playwith is in here.

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You could use the jquery 2D Transform plugin to animated it yourself:


This plug-in utilizes the matrix filter in IE and the new CSS3 transform properties to 2d transform any DOMElement. It is fully cross-browser compatible. Special care has been taken to make IE support translate() and transform-origin. The properties can also be animated using the jQuery animation library.

A working mobile spinning wheel might look like this:

jQuery(function($) {

    $("a").click(function() {

        var $img = $("img"),
            slice = 22.5,// Decrees
            slices = 16, // Count
            winning_slice = parseInt(Math.random() * slices) + 1,
            rotation = winning_slice * slice;

        // 1 Extra loop
        if (winning_slice < slices / 2) {
                rotate: '+=360deg'
            }, 'slow');

            rotate: '+=' + rotation + 'deg'
        }, 'slow');


See this fiddle it works on my smartphone: http://fiddle.jshell.net/heErr/2

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Thank you for ur help. but how can i find the winning prize ,the spinning wheel in my project is used to find a winner or looser. if it's winner, offers a prize .in demo 'fiddle.jshell.net/iroy2000/kYvzd/1/'; on the right side it finds a winner. how could i do it in this spinnig wheel application. –  Ramya May 11 '12 at 5:45
winning_slice holds the number of the winning slice. You have to count clockwise in the image. –  jantimon May 12 '12 at 21:42

A solution could be to use a rotating wheel system that simply rotates an image, such as a png, rather than using a solution that code draws the segments of the wheel.

While at first it may seem really awesome that a wheel with segments can be drawn in code, in reality only basic designs can be achieved; a wheel that uses a png image that you can Photoshop as desired allows really stylish designs to be created.

To answer your question as if there is another spinning wheel solution, see the "HTML5 canvas winning wheel" on http://www.dougtesting.net. It uses raw js so jQuery is not needed, though should work happy in a site that also uses jquery.

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