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I have made a project in Visual studio 10 that uses Mysql database and Crystalreports along with

it. But i dont know how to make a setup that will automatically install Mysql and Crystalreports

along with the project setup on the pc on which this project is installed.I am able to create a

simple project containg only project but it did not contain the Mysql or crystalreports setup.How

can i create such a setup that automatically installs crystal reports Mysql and the project

please refer any tutorial.

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Search in google Visual Studio 2010 Setup Prerequisit. – Ezio Auditore da Firenze May 10 '12 at 6:30
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For that create a Setup and Deployment Project. In the project prerequisites you have to include Crystal Reports and MySQL. If they are not there in the prerequisites list then i am afraid that you have to create your own bootstrapper program to do so.

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I think it is a little different problem. You can't install a whole different system along with your code. The user needs to install MySQL first and then you can run a query that creates the database inside of it. I think this needs to be done separately. In the end, you have to write script that creates the database structures after the MySQL has been installed. I don't think it can be bundled up that easily.

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