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Am working on Yii application, which has only one view -'Dashboard', i need to do all application activity on this single interface. like as show all user details, account, history, status with curd facility.

--In Controller--
class DashboardController 
    public function actionDashboard()
        $model = new MyDashboard;

-- In Dashboard View --
 // userd-details


 //user status

 //user history

So how to define all curd activity for user on this single 'Dashboard' interface using DashboardController. plz suggest solution if possible. Thanks !!!

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What you wrote there could already work, but you don't really need to create widgets if you only show them in one place anyways. –  marcovtwout May 10 '12 at 9:03
yep, its a one place, but some of curd facility not workin properly coz we posting multiple data from single view to multiple models. May am going wrong or syntax violation. –  Frank May 10 '12 at 10:07

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public function actionDashboard($action=null){

  if(!is_null($action) && strlen($action)>0){
    $method = "run".ucfirst($action);
      $this->$method(); // if $action is 'actionName' then $this->runActionName();


protected function runActionName(){
   /*  dp something  */
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