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I am working on an application in which I want data from a ListView sent to another Activity on a click of the ImageView. The code looks like this:

package com.gabriel.utility;
import java.text.DateFormat;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Date;

import android.content.Context;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.view.LayoutInflater;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.View.OnClickListener;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.ArrayAdapter;
import android.widget.ImageButton;
import android.widget.ImageView;
import android.widget.TextView;
import android.widget.ToggleButton;

import com.gabriel.activity.ContactInfoActivity;
import com.gabriel.activity.ContactListActivity;
import com.gabriel.activity.GabrielApplication;
import com.gabriel.activity.R;
import com.gabriel.database.ContactCore;
import com.gabriel.database.WebMessageCore;

public class WebMessageAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<WebMessageCore>{

    Context _Context;
    ArrayList<WebMessageCore> _WebMsgList;
    WebMessageCore _WebMsgCore;
    TextView _MsgContent;
    private LayoutInflater mInflater;
    ImageButton Arrow;
    GabrielApplication application;
    public WebMessageAdapter(Context context, int resource,
            ArrayList<WebMessageCore> contactList) {

        super(context, resource,  contactList);
        _Context = context;
        _WebMsgList = contactList;
        mInflater = LayoutInflater.from(context);

    public int getCount() {
        return _WebMsgList.size();

    public WebMessageCore getItem(int position) {
        return _WebMsgList.get(position);

    public long getItemId(int position) {
        return position;

    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
        ViewHolder holder;
        if (convertView == null) {
            convertView = mInflater.inflate(R.layout.custom_row_view, null);
            holder = new ViewHolder();
            holder.txtName = (TextView) convertView.findViewById(;
            holder.txtmessage = (TextView) convertView
            holder.txtPhone = (TextView) convertView.findViewById(;
            holder.txtdate=  (TextView ) convertView.findViewById(;
          holder.Arrow =  (ImageView)convertView.findViewById(;
        } else {
            holder = (ViewHolder) convertView.getTag();

        holder.Arrow.setOnClickListener( new OnClickListener(){

        public void onClick(View v) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
         Intent newActivity =  new Intent(_Context, ContactInfoActivity.class);




       String currentDateTimeString = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance().format(new Date());
        return convertView;
      /* SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MMM dd,yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS a");
       Date resultdate = new Date((new Date()).getTime());
       String currentDateTimeString = sdf.format(resultdate);


      /*tdate = (TextView)findViewById(;
      Arrow =  (ImageButton)findViewById(;
      String currentDateTimeString = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance().format(new Date());
      Arrow.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub

                Intent newActivity = new Intent(context, ContactInfoActivity.class);

        //View contactView = convertView;
        /*if (contactView == null) {
            contactView = LayoutInflater.from(_Context).inflate(
                    R.layout.web_message_item, null);
        _MsgContent = (TextView) contactView.findViewById(;

        //To set text as bold
        _MsgContent.setTypeface(null, Typeface.BOLD);

        _WebMsgCore = _WebMsgList.get(position);
        return contactView;

    static class ViewHolder {
        ImageView Arrow;
        TextView txtName;
        TextView txtmessage;
        TextView txtPhone;
        TextView txtdate;


Then I want to get data to another activity. Please give me some idea.

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From where are you calling this adapter for a listview? Show that code here – Krishna Suthar May 10 '12 at 7:04

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List are Serializable, so you can pass them to another Activity via Intent. See the doc

Make sure that your WebMessageCore implements Serializable too.

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Use setTag() and getTag() property for list view in Adapter getView() function code.. to store and retrieve the data.

check this answer also : passing metadata from one activity to the next in an android listview

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On your first activity just set an onclick listener (on your list)

private OnItemClickListener myListener = new OnItemClickListener() { @Override public void onItemClick(AdapterView parent, View v, int i, long l) {

      Log.v(TAG, "onItemClick fired!" + i);

  ObjectClass mObjectClass = (ObjectClass) >parent.getItemAtPosition(i);          

      //get what where ever you need from mObjectClass then pass it with putExtra >                       //if it's a complex object use Parcelable  


Don't forget this on your onCreate


On the second activity get what you have passed and use it

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Try this (lol):

class MySingletonClass {

    private static MySingletonClass instance;
    public static MySingletonClass getInstance() {
    if(instance == null) instance = new MySingletonClass();
        return instance;
    private MySingletonClass() {
    Data data; //this is your data

    public void setData(Data data) { = data;
    public Data getData() {
        return data;


Use it like this:

Activity 1: MySingletonClass.getInstance().setData(yourData);

Activity 2: MySingletonClass.getInstance().getData();

If this does not work: try searching on for (more than 100) duplicate/alternative solutions

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