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public class myType
public int key1;
public int key2;
public int val1;
public int val2;
public int val3;

When I insert myType objects to collection there's no problems with reading. Just:


get objects:

"key1":key1, "key2":key2, "val1":val1, "val2":val2, "val3":val3

But after mapreduce (key is constructed as combination of two fields) output collection has a slightly modified structure. Something like

"_id" {"key1" : key1, "key2": key2}, "value" : {"val1":val1, "val2":val2, "val3":val3}

What is the way to read object from output collection?

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Once you have your output collection, you can query it like any other collection. However, because the structure is different, you won't be able to use the same C# class to do this. So, you'll either need to read this as a BsonDocument, or create a couple of new classes like below:

public class Keys
  public int Key1;
  public int key2;

public class values
  public int Val1;
  public int Val2;
  public int Val3;

public class MapReduceOutput
  public Keys Keys;
  public Values Values;

Then you can do this:


Hope this helps.

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:) This is exactly the same solution that I made yesterday :) But good that you wrote it –  Saint May 11 '12 at 11:53

Simple for each through the m/r results supposed to work fast (at least faster than automatic deserializtion):

var result = RunMapReduce(..);
foreach (var item in result.InlineResults)
   var id = item["_id"].AsBsonDocument;
   var value = item["value"].AsBsonDocument;

   var obj = new myType();
   obj.key1 = id["key1"].AsInt32;
   //and so on
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Map reduce is running in shell, so I haven't possibility to use 'result.InlineResults'. I have only output collection. How to get all results with this 'mixed' type? –  Saint May 10 '12 at 7:45

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