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The plan is to use Review Board for SVN projects.

I have successfully set up Review Board on one machine, and VisualSVN Server on another one.

This is the thing I can't figure out: How can I set up VisualSVN so that every time someone commits, on whichever project, a post-review will be submitted to Review Board?

Many thanks!

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Good news: it can be done. Bad news: you have to hack something together yourself.

Step 1: Download the post-review command line tool and place it on your VisualSVN server.

Step 2: Configure post-review. See the post-review documentation for option specific information. There are other useful information in the documentation that can be useful in later steps.

Step 3: Configure the VisualSVN post-commit hoot:

  1. Start VisualSVN Server Manager
  2. Open Properties for your repository
  3. Select Hooks tab
  4. Edit the Post-commit hook
  5. Enter the following command into the hook editor replacing parameters with valid values.

    "c:\somewhere-post-review-is-located\post-review.exe" --revision-range %2

Note: %2 is the token for the revision number.

this should do the trick!

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Will accept this answer, and add one comment. The step 5 is actually somewhat different, you have to write a custom script (e.g. in Python) which will calculate the user and all that handy data, and that script will call the post-review call. Something similar can be found here: deepshiftlabs.com/dev_blog/?p=930&lang=en-us –  Martin Spa May 29 '12 at 9:12

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