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edit: I use version 1.6.8 of jOOQ; in newer versions this should work (see answer)

I am writing a gridmodel for my java web application using Jooq to handle the fetching of data with paging, sorting, ...

First I create a select with factory.select(...) and pass this (SelectConditionStep) as a parameter to my gridmodel where I add the needed .limit() and .orderBy() based on parameters.

But my problem now is that I also need to know the total count of results (not just 1 page) to calculate the total of pages. So my question is if it's possible in some way to create a count query from the given SelectConditionStep.

I thought of wrapping this as a subquery in a count query; something like:

(does not work, just to show the idea)


in MySQL I would do this:

select count(*) from (select ...) as r

Current code I have:

        private final SelectConditionStep selectStep;

        public int getAvailableRows() {

            JooqSelect select = new JooqSelect() {

                protected Result<Record> select(Connection connection) throws SQLException {

                    Factory create = new Factory(connection, dialect);              

                    /* This does not compile, just to show what I need */               
                    return create.select(count()).from(selectConditionStep).fetch();


            /* Get result */
            return select.getResult()...;
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What you're trying to do should work. The SelectFromStep.from(TableLike...) method accepts subselects (i.e. SelectConditionStep, which extends TableLike. can you provide the complete example and the error you're getting? –  Lukas Eder May 10 '12 at 9:19
@LukasEder I've added some of my code. I'm pretty new with Jooq, but because of some limitations with Hibernate I'm trying Jooq, so any help is appreciated. –  Nathan Q May 10 '12 at 9:49

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Your updated example mentions that count() is unknown. This is in fact Factory.count(). You have three options:

  • Use selectCount() instead of select(count()). That is a convenience method
  • Fully qualify the Factory.count() function
  • Static import all methods from Factory:

    import static org.jooq.impl.Factory.*;

The last option is documented in the tutorial:


And in the manual at various places

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Thanks. I notice now that the version of jOOQ being used is 1.6.8. I myself cannot change this myself (means other applications need updates too). In this version the count() method is not static and no selectCount() exists. Does this mean I'm stuck at the moment until my company decides to upgrade? –  Nathan Q May 10 '12 at 10:11
No, at the time, you had to write create.count(), invoking it dynamically. But I do suggest upgrading. There had been lots of improvements and bugfixes since then (October 2011) –  Lukas Eder May 10 '12 at 10:29
Ok thanks, it works. Appreciate the great help :) Surely will discuss an upgrade with my colleagues –  Nathan Q May 10 '12 at 11:25

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