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i am using image cache for my banner image in newsletter.Am uploading and sending the image to mail. The problem is that the image is not loading for the first time. If i again come and edit the page it will send a mail with proper image

$output = "

$output.= theme( 'imagecache', 'banner_img', 'images/motel_wright-1.1.png', 'Wright Motel', 'Wright Motel' );

$output.= "

 print $output;

Please help me

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cute display pic :) –  NAVEED May 10 '12 at 8:59

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I have had similar problems. Few suggestions:

1) As you are using the theme function you might need to rebuild the registry. Try


2) If the above fails you will need to use xdebug and find out which function in drupal was not triggered in the first place.

Do post your finding here.

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