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So for example i need to check if file C:\windows\system32\whatever.dll lies in c:\windows. Is it possible in a manner like if not exists ..., but here if %file% lies in %directory% ?

edit: I know the path to the file I'm looking for. The problem boils down to comparing strings, that is checking if path to the directory is contained at the beginning in a path to the file.

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you can do something like

if not exists %directory%\%file% 

in this way you create a full file-pathname like "c:\myfolder\yourfolder\myfile.txt" and check for it's existence

this should works (but it's not tested)

:: starting folder
set RootPath=c:\myfolder\yourfolder\

::check all subfolder
for /R "%RootPath%" %%d IN (.) DO ( 
    echo %%d

    :: check all file in each subfolder
    for %%f IN ("%%~d\*.*") DO (

        :: check if your file exist 
        IF "%%~nxf"=="filenameImLookingFor.txt" (
              echo Found file here "%%~f"
  • %%~nxf will expand to filname with extension, without the path
  • the "~" make also sure that the expanded variable will never contain prefix/postfix doublequte, so that you can add your own without having unexpected double-doublequote (that will obviously mess things up)

Here is a list of useful syntax for FOR variables (from the help of the FOR command)

You can now use the following optional syntax:

%~I         - expands %I removing any surrounding quotes (")
%~fI        - expands %I to a fully qualified path name
%~dI        - expands %I to a drive letter only
%~pI        - expands %I to a path only
%~nI        - expands %I to a file name only
%~xI        - expands %I to a file extension only
%~sI        - expanded path contains short names only
%~aI        - expands %I to file attributes of file
%~tI        - expands %I to date/time of file
%~zI        - expands %I to size of file
%~$PATH:I   - searches the directories listed in the PATH
               environment variable and expands %I to the
               fully qualified name of the first one found.
               If the environment variable name is not
               defined or the file is not found by the
               search, then this modifier expands to the
               empty string

The modifiers can be combined to get compound results:

%~dpI       - expands %I to a drive letter and path only
%~nxI       - expands %I to a file name and extension only
%~fsI       - expands %I to a full path name with short names only
%~dp$PATH:I - searches the directories listed in the PATH
               environment variable for %I and expands to the
               drive letter and path of the first one found.
%~ftzaI     - expands %I to a DIR like output line
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Yes, but the file could be in subdirectory, way down the tree. –  rsk82 May 10 '12 at 9:15
@rs82 - Do you know in which directory it should be, or do you want know if it's anywhere under a specified directory? –  jeb May 10 '12 at 9:20
Anywhere under. –  rsk82 May 10 '12 at 9:24
@rsk82 see updated response –  Max May 10 '12 at 9:26
Why not simply check it in the subfolder with if exists %%~d\%file%, instead of using the for %%f IN ("%%~d\*.*") DO ... ? –  jeb May 10 '12 at 9:31

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