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I have this function that does 3 things :

  • tr hover
  • focus on two separate tables displayed on the same line
  • calculate tr height from first table and set that height to tr from second table.

$(function() {
    var rows = $('.interactive tr'); () {
        var i = $(this).GetIndex() + 1; // nth-child is 1-based
        rows.filter(':nth-child(' + i + ')').addClass('selectedRow');

        var i = $(this).GetIndex() + 1;
        rows.filter(':nth-child(' + i + ')').addClass('hoverx');

    $("table:first tr").each(function(i) {
        $("table:last tr").eq(i).height($(this).height());

jQuery.fn.GetIndex = function(){
    return $(this).parent().children().index($(this));

This function works great but I have a problem when browser is resized because the function is not recalculating tr height.

This ruins all the table design.

Can anyone help me with this please : how to recalculate tr height from first table and set to tr from second table when browser is resized.

Here is the fiddle example:

Thank you.

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you have to use $(window).resize(function(){ ... }); function, which is executed during resize of browser window. – Harshith J.V. May 10 '12 at 9:30
already tried that but is not working, I think must be added a new condition,but I can think of nothing. – mcmwhfy May 10 '12 at 9:33
So, based on what you describe, I get the feeling that you want to have the two tables look as if they are the same table, correct? (i.e. the rows line up nicely) – Rob Cooper May 10 '12 at 11:29
@Rob Cooper Yes, exactly... – mcmwhfy May 10 '12 at 12:20
in this fiddle none of the tr height changes when resize – Huangism May 10 '12 at 16:59

This is not a full answer, but it's a couple of things to check that may get you where you're going.

  • temporarily put in a button or something that will call your resizing function. Then resize the window, then call the function. This will tell you if your problem is in triggering the function with $(window).resize or in your function itself.

  • If the problem is in the function itself, it may be that some of your problem is in browser caching. Try calling .hide() and then .show() on the lot of it.

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you need to put the height calculation in a resize function, also keep the one you have as is so it does it's job onload or move to before the resize function

    $(window).resize(function() {
        // get first table tr height
        // apply to second table tr height

you can see the resize being called here

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