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I want to take the url:

And actually give them:

I have NO history with mod_rewrite, HELP!

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1 is owned by somebody. is reserved for examples like this. – Jim Sep 19 '08 at 20:36
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Something that I found relatively hard to find out was how to do the reverse of what you are doing, whereby you need to find out the value of part of the query string.

So for example:

If you wanted to rewrite the Url:


you could use:

RewriteCond %{query_string}& ^aff=((.+&)|&)$   
RewriteRule ^/signup-old-script.asp$    /signup-new-script.php?affID=%2 [L,R]

Notice the % sign in the rewrite rule instead of the $ sign.

I had to do this so I could support old flash maps in a new site that had links to ".cfm" files with an ID in the query string.

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Try this :

RewriteRule ^/signup-(\d+)/$ /signup/?aff=$1 [I]

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What does this [I] flag stands for? Couldn't find it anywhere. – CodeVirtuoso Jan 28 '11 at 15:17
@Freelancer The flags aren't case sensitive. [l] is the same as [L] – codewaggle Jun 26 '12 at 8:45

As far i know,

flag causes the RewriteCond to be ignored. - for "Ignore case" - from IsapiRewrite version 2

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