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I have a FinancialDocument#document_type model attribute. I'd like to let the user select the document type from an HTML select menu populated by an Array of Strings...

doctypes = [ 'Invoice', 'Packing slip', 'Other' ]

For each option, the displayed label and returned value would be identical.

I looked at the select and collection_select helpers, but they seem geared toward selecting a child model, not merely a String value. I couldn't discover how to bend them to my purpose.

Here's how I'm trying to do it (I'm using Haml, not Erb)...

form_for(@financial_document) do |f|
  - doctypes = [ 'Invoice', 'PS', 'Packing slip', 'Other' ]
  = f.collection_select @financial_document, :document_type, \
      doctypes, :to_s, :to_s, :include_blank => true

I get this error...

undefined method `merge' for :to_s:Symbol

Is there a different helper that I could use for this? Or a way to use select or collection_select?

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Is doctypes an ActiveRecord collection? Looking at the code it doesn't seems so. You can use the select helper.

= :document_type, doctypes, :include_blank => true

Also, you don't need to pass @financial_document if you call the tag on the form object created with form_for.

share|improve this answer!{|d| [d]}, :document_type, doctypes)

will do it I think.

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Thanks, but that didn't work for me... undefined method `merge' for [["Invoice"], ["PS"], ["Packing slip"], ["Other"]]:Array – Ethan Jun 27 '09 at 18:07
oh right, remove the first argument and it's fine. – Ben Hughes Jun 27 '09 at 18:15

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