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I have a hosting account with GoDaddy and I enabled wildcard subdomains by adding an A Record pointing to the IP Address. However when I try opening abc.mydomain.com, I get a 404 error. I searched the web and am doubting whether I need a .htaccess file. That file does not exist in my root folder. Can someone please guide me how to configure this and a sample .htaccess file if required.

Many Thanks, Arun

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I tried this with godaddy to no avail, try contacting their support. –  Daniel A. White Jun 27 '09 at 16:28
You can create named subdomains in the Hosting Control Center. Go to Settings > Domain Management and there should be an option to manage subdomains. This isn't a programming related question though so doesn't belong on SO –  barrowc Jun 27 '09 at 21:44
Yeah I know I can create a subdomain manually. But what I want is a dynamic subdomain. That is why I put in a * in the A Record. It works now, but it is trying to access a path which does not exist and is throwing a 404 error. All I want to know is what file/path does it access when someone opens a dynamic subdomain. BTW, I'm using Windows hosting. Thanks, Arun –  Arun Kumar Jun 28 '09 at 2:17

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To handle requests to dynamic subdomains you need to tell your webserver to do so. For example in Apache httpd you need the following directive in httpd.conf

ServerAlias *.yourdomain.com

The 404 may be coming from your own server not from godaddy.

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