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I am using PHP 5.3.5, and I am stuck with an error. I have an array

  $input = array( 

I use array_splice to remove the initial two values from each array by using &(value by reference) in foreach

foreach ($input as $bk => &$bv) {

Now when I see the $input then it adds a & just before the second array.

var_dump($input); shows this

  0 => 
      'c' => string 'three0' (length=6)
      'd' => string 'four0' (length=5)
      'e' => string 'five0' (length=5)
  1 => & <====================================From where this `&` comes?
      'c' => string 'three1' (length=6)
      'd' => string 'four1' (length=5)
      'e' => string 'five1' (length=5)

Where does & come from and how does it produce such array? Is it valid?

If I remove & in the foreach, it does not gives me desired array. Am I doing something wrong?

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It's pretty counter-intuitive but it isn't actually a bug. When you use references in a loop, you're advised to unset the reference right after the loop:

foreach ($input as $bk => &$bv) {
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Oh Thanks. i was banging my head since 3 hours . Thanks – diEcho May 10 '12 at 10:23
I think its better to use array_slice() – diEcho May 10 '12 at 10:25
@diEcho: they do different things. array_splice removes elements from the array. array_slice doesn't – newacct May 10 '12 at 21:57

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