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I have MVC3 project where I use Entity Framework I have entity with player that user should be able to make copy of.

To make a copy of player I have the following in my repository:

public Player CreateTemplate(Player player)
        var copy = new Player();

        copy.Birth_Date = player.birth_Date;
        copy.Comment = player.Comment;
        copy.Name = player.Name;
        copy.Agent = player.Agent;
        copy.AgentId = player.AgentId;
        foreach (SelectedTeams selectedTeams in player.SelectedTeams.ToList())
            var copyselectedteams = new SelectedTeams();
            copyselectedteams = selectedTeams;
        return copy;

The problem for me is, that once my foreach starts looping, my original player lose it's SelectedTeams Is there any solutions is for this problem?

Thanks in advance

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SelectedTeams as class name and collection name, very confusing! Do you want to copy the SelectedTeams's as well, or only copy the references? –  Gert Arnold May 10 '12 at 10:40

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Do You have Lazy Loading disabled by any chance? You may try to eager load entity like this:

var firstPlayer = dbContext.Players.Include("SelectedTeams").FirstOrDefault<Player>(p => p.PlayerId == 1);
var copiedPlayer = repo.CreateTemplate(firstPlayer);

Also You shouldn't copy references of existing entities to new entity.

copyselectedteams = selectedTeams;

Instead copy its properties (except relationship keys of course or You will get exceptions).

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You are overwriting the reference to the new object you just created:

var copyselectedteams = new SelectedTeams(); //overwritten...
copyselectedteams = selectedTeams; //...here
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Could you give an example on how to not overwrite and instead pass the reference to the new object so the original object wont get affected by the override –  Obsivus May 10 '12 at 11:12

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