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I have a ranking table which changes every second. I want to animate the table rows smoothly (not necessarily every second; maybe every 5 seconds).

A quick search revealed this jQuery plugin, based on this animated table sort. For my purposes, it looks a bit too much like a sports ranking, and the code is outdated and unmaintained.

Are there alternative plugins/libraries to animate changing ranking tables?

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Does it need to be a table? or could it be a set of <div>s that look like a table? – Bloafer May 18 '12 at 14:30
It can be divs that look like a table, although a table would be preferential (as I'm using Twitter Bootstrap for styling). – Randomblue May 18 '12 at 15:23
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There is an interesting post on stackoverflow on your same subject: Using jquery, how to I animate adding a new list item to a list?

Of course it should be changed a little bit, because maybe you want to add more than one item to the list.

But what you can do is to refresh it every X seconds, and for each of the list item add the item in an animated way.

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Try using this link which has a demos for different kind of sorting algorithms.

However, this not a jQuery plug-in, but I think it can help you.

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