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i am new to android i have to perform some operation after every 30 min whether my application is running or not so i want to how to perform these operation using service and alarm manager any example or running will be helpfull

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here is complete answer : [stackoverflow.com/questions/5938213/… [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/5938213/… –  amir Feb 1 at 12:24

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Use RTC_WAKEUP if you want your service to perform some operation every 30 min as RTC_WAKEUP will wake the device up and deliver the pending intent. On the other hand RTC will deliver the intent only when the device wakes up.

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I think everything you need to know is in the docs on AlarmManager

There can be many pitfalls trying to keep the phone awake, also see cwac-wakeful by Mark Murphy on github

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check out this link. All diff are there.

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