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I have to code something in Jython, for CCPS (programm using jython as scripting interface). However Jython does not update the submodules if I change them in an editor, unless I restart the programm (startup time is prohibitive). SO testing and adjusting is relatively slow.

I have googled and found a post indicating, that one should import or reload the submodules. The basic outline thus is:

def loader(module, part=None):
    if not module in sys.modules :
        if part == None:
            exec("import "+module)
            exec("from %s import %s" % (module, part))                
    else :
        exec("reload "+module) 

however I have an issue with this, the module is loaded locally, meaning i can access the module within the loader() function, but not in my main code.

Two questions:

What is the right way to test something with submodules in Jython without restarting Jython after each submodule change? Is there a way to generate globals dynamically so I can import into the global namespace?

(e.g. exec("global %(mod)s = %(mod)s" % ({'mod':module}))

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How about just unloading all modules so they are reloaded on the next import:

import sys
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I failed to find it, and here is an even more detailed explanation: Also for some reason no one else could help me with this for a year... – ted Jul 28 '13 at 21:46
I've tried with Jython 2.5.2 and it doesn't work, sys.modules.clear() doesn't complain, but classes aren't reloaded. :-( – david.perez Sep 8 '15 at 13:44

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