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I am trying to create a maven archetype in which I am trying to autogenerate the code in a java class. I have came across jcodemodel to generate java class. Anyone kindly guide me hoe to do it and where do i need to use jcodemodel in archetype inorder to generate a class file in specific folder with a given name from user?

The archetype gets the input such as servicename, artifactid from user while generating code.

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Maven archetypes can use velocity templates to create code, one simple example beeing to create to correct package definitions. The JBoss Wiki contains a simple example of a template containing conditional logic.

If you already have a generator using codemodel, the generate goal of the archetype plugin contains a goals parameter the execute additional plugins after creation. You could let the archetype create only the directory structure, wrap your generator into a maven plugin and then execute on the newly created project.

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