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I am working with a table having 1500 records, I query for comments columns using 'LIKE '%word%', That is working good for now. but as comments are increasing day by day. I am thinking to use Full text search or some tool like

What is the limit of records in the table when full text search or search engine (spinxsearch) do the job effectively also I think, size of field also matters, I am working with comments so its fine but if its with long long articles then I may realize the power of full text search or sponxsearch.


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At the moment when dataset (the whole table in your case) cannot fit in the memory, the indexing (hence the full-text index / sphinx/lucene) make a big difference.

Also, on a highly-concurrent, mixed write/read load, it makes a big difference, because in your query, the whole table have to be scanned, and this involves locking, scanning of redo logs, etc. (depending on transaction isolation level)

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'LIKE' use regex to find the right row, this can become very very slow very fast, switch to sphinx, its very good.

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