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I want a chart like the following which shows that the number of registered users was 0 at 9:41 am and increased by 41 on 9:46 am:

But I got this graphite chart (I incremented the statsd counter by 41 at 9:46 am):

My render request was (someone recommended the hitcount method to me):

render/?width=586&height=308&_salt=1336642203.533&target=hitcount(, "1min")&from=09%3A40_20120509&until=09%3A50_20120509

How can I change the render url request to get a chart like this:

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You want the integral() function instead of the hitcount():

So your full query would be:


Note though that result of integral() always starts at 0 at the left side of the graph though. I don't think there's a way around that.

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