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I hav a table with following fields

  public class ActivationCode
  public virtual int LoginAccountId { get; set; }
   public virtual string ActivatedCode { get; set; }
   public virtual DateTime ActivationDate { get; set; }

where LoginAccountid is my primary key and mapped as

 <id name="LoginAccountId">
  <generator class="native" />

While saving i am assigning LoginAccountId as my users account id bt while saving it is taking its own id and saving the data i tried to save the data with both Session.Save(); and Session.SaveorUpdate bt in Session.SaveorUpdate its giving me error as

    Unexpected row count: 0; expected: 1.

Can any one help me with this?

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From NHForge: Assigned Identifiers

If you want the application to assign identifiers (as opposed to having NHibernate generate them), you may use the assigned generator. This special generator will use the identifier value already assigned to the object's identifier property. Be very careful when using this feature to assign keys with business meaning (almost always a terrible design decision).

Due to its inherent nature, entities that use this generator cannot be saved via the ISession's SaveOrUpdate() method. Instead you have to explicitly specify to NHibernate if the object should be saved or updated by calling either the Save() or Update() method of the ISession.

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