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Is there any class in java through which I can control audio frequencies.I have been through javadoc and found class CompoundControl but its vague.From where shall I start?

How can I achieve various frequencies of an audio file and then alter its dB levels, like an equalizer. I have been through the CompoundControl class which states:

A CompoundControl, such as a graphic equalizer, provides control over two or more related properties, each of which is itself represented as a Control.

But I don't find any constants or methods.

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I think a good starting point would be to tell us what it is exactly that you're trying to do. –  NPE May 10 '12 at 10:55
It's not part of javax.sound.sampled. You will have to search for something written by someone else, or learn how to program digital signal processing algorithms. Or, if you have a "mixer" line that has this built in, then that is a possibility. –  Phil Freihofner May 11 '12 at 7:58

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You will find an equalizer implementation in jlGui, a Java open source Winamp clone. But keep in mind that the equalizer function only works with MP3 data.

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