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# lib/tasks/test.rake
task :hello do
  puts 'hello'

$ rake app:hello

To run the task I need to prefix it with "app:" and it runs in the context of the dummy app. It is also exposed to the host application (i.e when used as a plugin in a parent Rails app) as rake hello.

I want to run a rake task which does not require a Rails environment and runs some command, but it is run from the engine root, not the dummy app root.

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I want a better answer to this question however I did figure out that you can add tasks in the Rakefile for the engine (so ./Rakefile not in the spec/dummy application) like so:

task :my_task do
  puts "hi!"

task :default => [:spec, :my_task]

I would prefer to have my task in another file but at least this provides a way to go forward. In my case, I want to run Konacha javascript tests in the dummy application so my Rakefile looks like this:

task :spec_javascript do
  exec 'cd spec/dummy && rake konacha:run' # exec passes command return value up stack!

task :default => [:spec, :spec_javascript]
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