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I'm looking for a nice tight regex solution to this problem. I'm looking to reformat an UNC into a Uri


UNC directory needs to be reformatted into a Uri


needs to look like:


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How do you know that "d$\x\y\" should be removed from the middle? – RichieHindle Jun 27 '09 at 17:46
The web server is mapped to z, so those other guys in the middle don't need to be seen in the final url. – KevinDeus Jun 27 '09 at 17:51
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I think a replace is easier to write and understand than Regex in this case. Given:

string input = "\\\\server\\d$\\x\\y\\z\\AAA";

You can do a double replace:

string output = String.Format("http:{0}", input.Replace("\\d$\\x\\y", String.Empty).Replace("\\", "/"));
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this one is awesome. Thanks :) – KevinDeus Jun 27 '09 at 19:41

.Net framework supports a class called System.Uri which can do the conversion. It is simpler and handles the escape cases. It handles both UNC, local paths to Uri format.


Console.WriteLine((new System.Uri("C:\Temp\Test.xml")).AbsoluteUri);


(New-Object System.Uri 'C:\Temp\Test.xml').AbsoluteUri


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  • First match: \\server

  • Second match: \z\AAA

Concatenate to a string and then prepend http: to get http:\\server\z\AAA. Replace \ with /.

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Two operations:

  • first, replace "(.*)d\$\\x\\y\\(.*)" with "http:\1\2" - that'll clear out the d$\x\y\, and prepend the http:.

  • Then replace \\ with / to finish the job.

Job done!

Edit: I'm assuming that in C#, "\1" contains the first parenthesised match (it does in Perl). If it doesn't, then it should be clear what is meant above :)

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