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I am having following document structure and I need to insert values in nested documents.

      "Level-1": {
        "Level-2": {
          "Level-3": {
            "aaa": "bbb"
            "Level-4": {


how can I get keys every time at any level. There is a function for getting keys

 var workingDOc = session.Load<RavenJObject>("xyz/b");

workingDoc.Keys will give me all key for this document But how could I get Keys of second level.when I provide key for nested document . For example now I want all keys for "Level-1".Is there any way? How can I check that the key is of nested document. please help .Thanks in advance

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Rajdeep, you can't partially load a document. You can certainly have multiple levels of nested objects withing one single document and depending on your data model this is probably a good idea, however, you will always need to load the document as a whole if you want to do modify it.

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Thank you so much Daniel. –  Ritchie john May 11 '12 at 5:32

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