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CAn any one p[lase explian me which technology this connection is using, i am unable to find what tags these are

<Connection spoketypename="Oracle CRM On Demand" creator="Factory" basename="ServiceDataObjectsDMS" internalname="sdodms" datecreated="20060711T07:43:31Z" connectiontype="Source" connectorproto="" author="Factory" version="1.0" datemodified="20060711T07:43:31Z">
    <![CDATA[Factory created Oracle CRM On Demand through DMS target connection.]]>
  <ResMgrSession name="RMSession1" type="Oracle CRM On Demand"/>
    <Option name="factory" value="Oracle CRM On Demand"/>
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Those tags are used by the Pervasive Integration tools. After having contacted Pervasive, I have confirmed these tags are not publicly documented. A potential user must contact Pervasive (http://www.pervasiveintegration.com).

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