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I am trying to read probes from a dat file, put them in a vector then put the vector into a subset to be able to concatenate more data to it and write it in a CSV file. Here my piece of code:


affys <- read.csv("address of my dat file")
affys_vec <- as.vector(affys)[,1]

exprs(eset)[affys_vec,] -> sub.set


However when I reach to the : exprs(eset)[affys_vec,] -> sub.set

I get the following error message:

** Error in exprs(eset) :
  error in evaluating the argument object' in selecting a method for function 'exprs':
  Error: object 'eset' not found **

Are there any suggestions please?



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See the vignette An introduction to Biobase and ExpressionSets available on your computer, once Biobase is installed, as

vignette(package="Biobase", "ExpressionSetIntroduction")

But the idea is that you have created eset by pre-processing some CEL or other vendor-specific files. How you pre-process those depends on what your files are, maybe with affy or oligo or lumi, or from a public repository using a package like ArrayExpress or GEOquery Or perhaps you're using limma and have no need for an expression set.

The Bioconductor web site and mailing list provides a lot more information.

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