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I have the following date picker

                                xtype: 'datefield',
                                id: 'FinalDespatchDate',
                                name: 'FinalDespatchDate',
                                fieldLabel: 'Part Despatch Date',
                                labelWidth: 150,
                                width: 370,
                                validateOnChange: false,
                                format: 'd/m/Y' 

In my model i have 

             type: 'date',

if in my model i don't include the dateFormat. The date binds to my date picker but it sends the date in an incorrect format. When i add dateFormat it sends the date in the correct format it just no longer binds to the datepicker. ie the above configuration display nothing in the date picker

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Does your data come from server with properly formatted date value ('d/m/Y') in this (non-working) configuration?

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