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I have a page with a gallery where users upload images. I noticed that there is one particular user who uploaded 3 tiff images and that they cannot be accessed.

Exception type: System.ArgumentException
Exception message: Parameter is not valid.

It happens here:

using (Image photo = new Bitmap(new MemoryStream(photoData)))

Files seems to be ok, sice File.ReadAllBytes() works, I can download them using other method (the one not working is used for returning a resized image only), test locally and the exception is not thrown. Any ideas what could be the case? Unfortunatelly I dont know yet if this occurs for all tiff images uploaded by other users too.

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Support for TIFF flavors (and there are many of them) depends on the version of Windows on your server. More precisely, it depends on GDI+ library's version.

Without seeing the TIFFs there is nothing more I can tell. But I can recommend you to try some 3rd party libraries just for TIFF files. There is de-facto standard libtiff library and I have ported it to C# some time ago. You might try the port.

There are some samples you might be interested in. I think Convert color TIFF to a 32-bit System.Drawing.Bitmap might be most eligible for your task.

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i use this method exclusively for tiff images and it seems to be working (production runs on windows server 2k8, my working station on win7 so probably the problem was with that), thanks a lot! –  matt137 May 11 '12 at 12:07

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