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I need to create Excel macro code for comparing different Excel sheets. I need to compare 4 Excel sheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, and Sheet4, all of which are from different workbooks) on clicking the submit button from another sheet in compare.xls. Comparison logic is below:

  • Take the column A (Key) cell values from sheet 1 and compare with column A (Key) cell values in sheet 2.
  • If the keys are same, take the corresponding value from column B (Reference) from sheet 2 and go to sheet 3 and sheet 4.
  • Check if the reference value is present in column A of sheets 3 and 4 and take the corresponding values from column B of sheet 3 and 4.
  • Match these values with the value in sheet 1, column B (corresponding value for the taken key).
  • If match successful, just display a message box that says "The value for the key is present in Sheet 4/3", else says "No match found".

For example, if you run the macro for the sheets present in the folder, it should give a message like:

"The value, 10000, for StateStreet is matching in Sheet 3 (Row 4, Column B) and in Sheet 4 (Row 3, Column B)".

Can anyone please help me regarding this query?

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I am totally new to use macros.I jst had a scenario to do what i was mentioned in my question.Thats it. –  darisi.pandu May 10 '12 at 12:25

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