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Is it possible to call a methods of a transactional service from a method of a non transactional service such that the transactional steps are done in transactions, but they should not wait for the whole non transactional method to make it one transaction?

What i am trying to do is that i have a service that has a method that creates a simulation for a cricket match, now what i want to do is save the simulation step by step as it runs, into the database. Now this service that runs the simulation is not transactional, because as far as i know (n i know very little), a transactional method would only do a 0 or 1 transaction. But the save methods are in a transactional service. Now my little knowledge tells me that the save methods should be transactional, i.e each time it is called, it should do a complete database entry and move on. But this is not whats happening. whats happening is that the runSimulation method runs completely and the sql statements are generated but no data is entered until its complete, which is think is how transactional should be. So is what i am trying to do possible, and if yes How?

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In the situation that you describe, you should indeed be getting two separate transactions. What you may be seeing is that the transactions aren't being flushed to the database as soon as you might expect. Try this - hard-code a run-time exception into the second transactional method, and then run both. If the data from the first method updates the database, and the second does not, then you have two separate transactions. – GreyBeardedGeek May 10 '12 at 13:12
What is the transaction type on the Dao class, and what tech stack(like spring etc ) are you using for accomplishing transaction or are you using transaction that comes with plain JDBC ? – Sudhakar May 10 '12 at 14:52

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