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In my web config I have session state off

<sessionState mode="Off" />

When I run my application I am seeing *ASP.net_sessionid* cookie being generated with expiration expiration "When I close my browser". enter image description here

1 .How this cookie is generated if my session state is off?

  1. How can I change the session timeout in this case (when session state is off)?

  2. What is the relation between session timeout and the *ASP.net_sessionid* cookie expiry time?

  3. If my session state is off will my Session End event in Global.asax.cs fire?

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My guess is that the browser is displaying a cached version of the page. If it is IE check Tools - Options - General - Browsing History and click on the "Settings" button. Make sure that "Check for newer versions of stores pages" is set to "Every time I visit the webpage".

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