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I'am trying to get usb mass storage instance id for eject usb using devcon from last 2 days but not able to get that. I have tried alot of solutions but still failed.

  ManagementObject dsk = new ManagementObject(@"win32_logicaldisk.deviceid=""j:""");
    string id = dsk["VolumeSerialNumber"].ToString(); 

It returns instance id. when i pass this id to devcon it doesnt remove any device. Passing id to devcon in this way

Devcon remove usbstor\deviceID

is there any way to remove usb using device name as like G, H or I etc or get required instance id. Any help will be appricated.

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Try disabling UAC and also running devcon.exe under Administrator credentials.

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I think #usblib can be helpfull for you , it allow you to play around usb divices #usblib

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