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I have a double number and i want to print only the integral part of this number. I was trying to print it using System.out.printf but i i got an IllegalFormatConversionException. I tried something like:

    double x;
    //calculate double

I know that i can simply print it using System.out.print but that will print the decimal part too. How can i do this using printf?

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  • The .0 specifies the precision. Number is rounded off according to the precision specified here. (e.g. if you want 2 decimal places you would specify 0.2)
  • The f specifies it's a floating point - including doubles (d is for decimal integer)
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You can also use %g as well to round-off and print double as integer:

System.out.printf("x=%g%n", x);
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You can use follow code :

 public static void main(String[] args) {
    double x = 0 ;//The local variable x must be initialized
    System.out.printf("%d",(int)x);//in JDK 5
    System.out.printf("%.0f",x);//in JDK 5

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